Wood Chair Parts

Steam bent dining chair components:  Individual ordered pieces


Chair Kits can provide you with top quality steam bent dining chair components from solid hardwoods.  If you have never built a dining room chair we recommend our kit chairs.  Our kit chairs are made from solid hardwoods with most components cut to size and sanded.  If your designing your own chair order the components you need.

Steam bent dining chair backs come in many sizes, shapes and lengths.  All of our dining chair parts are made from solid hardwoods with NO glue up’s.  Glue will simply melt during the steam bending process.  Dining chair parts that are steam bent have some “flex back”.  There is a learning curve to figure out all the steps needed to steam bend a quality wooden chair part.  Please understand that parts are all not going to be “exact”!  They are going to flex a bit and will need the skill of a wood worker to compensate for this.

Speed up your wood chair building process by ordering your chair parts from kit chairs.  If you don’t have a steam bending machine you will be forced to laminate with thin strips of wood around a template.  You will need to build the template, figure flex back and wait for glue to dry.  What is your time worth in the shop?  We can take the headache away by providing you with quality hardwood steam bent chair parts at wholesale prices.  Our sub shop steam bends thousands of chair parts per day. 

You can lower your costs simply by saving time.  Pass the savings to the client or make some extra money for yourself.  Kit Chairs has the dining chair parts you need to complete the job.

We don’t recommend trying the chair building process without first building a set of kit chairs.  You will learn the process and how the joints work. 

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